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[Penang Sport News槟城体坛新闻] Morata Express Something After Manchester Match. Watch it if you already 18+

[Penang Sport News槟城体坛新闻] What would you express when you in a model you feel uncomfortable or excitement? Recently, there is some special expression highlight on Morata’s Substitution in the 89th minute of the FA Cup final. After Chelsea’s victory, his emotions erupted. When they walked toward the locker room, they […]

[Penang Fun World 槟城有趣世界] 18 Malaysia Politician which is look alike celebrity!You never know they are so similar if you haven’t compare them!

[Penang Fun World 槟城有趣世界] The process for Malaysia GE14 has surprised the world especially Malaysian. Of course, there is twist for the script, the politician that are look alike celebrities is also playing important roles. If they are plan go to entertainment industry, I guess everyone will support them, right? […]